Healing the Collective Unconscious 4/20/2013

Healing the wounds and fears of the Collective Unconscious 4/20/2013

Sometimes, it is not possible to illustrate our anguish over the state of the Collective Unconscious. Instead we look into our own surroundings for comforting images: a Buddha statue meditating bird wings; a hand-carved Chinese table; a box given by the Emperor of Japan to a late friend, artist and son of a Detroit banker who created a new banking system for Japan following the end of World War II; a rug made by Afghani refugees, fleeing from the Russian invasion in 1980; a maple table from the Depression Era; and two bowls made by the photographer, Diane Farris after September 11, 2001; two glass bowls, containing vines which grow in very limited light.

All, metaphors for healing, forgiveness, peaceful hopes, life forms, growing and reaching out for light.

We offer these images made on a rainy Saturday morning because the hand could not express the wholeness of what the eye could see, better, through a camera. The camera made distant our grief.