Relief Assemblages: 1986-2005    Note: All works on this web site are copyrighted.

Inspired by the architecture of music

Large Works on Cut and Folded Paper, Mylar and Acetate, 1980's-1988, various sizes, 30 x 44 inches, 38 x 44 inches, approximately, 5 feet x 12 feet

Two and Three-Part Inventions: Homage to Bach: 2001-2004: (30 Constructed Drawings) Cut, Folded, Layered Vellum and Rives BFK, Scrim, India Ink, Gouache, Collage; 12 inches x 12 inches

Violin Assemblage, 2005: Music Manuscripts, Musical Instruments, Vellum, Rives BFK mounted on Board or Canvas

Various dimensions: 33 inches x 44 inches, Wall reliefs, approximately 2 feet x 2 feet