The future, or "going forward"

A word phrase, "going forward,"  has crept into media vocabulary, spreading from the government, outward, like a virus of obfuscation, permeating ordinary speech in what I take as a substitution for a word which has real meaning: the future. One wonders if the folks in the propaganda mill realize that this substitution suggests a lack of future, and that we may be expected to "go forward" into some kind of apocalyptic miasma, such as the artistic genius, Anselm Kiefer depicts in his gargantuan works.

I, for one, vote for the future, with all its uncertainty, with all its possibilities, creative, as well as anything human beings can conjure up to avoid the realities of Nature and what they owe to it and themselves. I believe the glaciers will melt, oceans and rivers will rise, continents will nudge each other and break apart, civilizations will be blown away, migrations from North to South, from South to North will occur, and people will be drawn to the sea and the river as their Pre-historic ancestors were. I believe that intelligent folk will find creative ways to survive and that the Neanderthal-like will continue to make the wrong choices, this time to permanent extinction. And, I believe, in the eons to come, a better human being will emerge who will live in harmony with a renewed earth which has healed itself without the help of a greatly-diminished population.

And, like the cave-painters of Lascaux and Chauvet, the rock artists of Africa, art will heal.